World Economic Forum Pushes CRT in INSANE Video

What is the World Economic Forum (WEF) up to when it’s not pushing Klaus Schwab’s now-infamous Great Reset? Pushing Critical Race Theory, apparently.

It did so in a recent video it started pushing on Twitter, one which frames itself as an unbiased “explanation” of the critical race theory ideology but then quickly morphs into a full-throated defense of the pernicious ideology. Watch it here:

The almost two-minute long video is utterly insane and, as anyone who understands what CRT is can easily see, maliciously misleading and meant to convince average people that CRT isn’t all that bad rather than convince them of its merits.

The clip begins with a semi-objective tone, introducing the topic by saying that CRT as a theory was “first developed by US legal scholars in the 1980s.” So far so true, as it is closely related to Critical Legal Theory. Read more

4 thoughts on “World Economic Forum Pushes CRT in INSANE Video”

  1. CRT= complete radical trash.
    The entire program is a total load of bologna. As long as mankind exists there will be a few individuals that view other races as substandard, or less than meeting a certain expectation, in their own mind. This is even true in job classification & titles in society and skin colors being the same.
    We can always find things to stir up classes of people. It typically comes from individuals that are of low self esteem. I’m betting this concept was birthed by an individual of like manner.

  2. The video states that blacks are incarcerated at 5 times the rate of whites. Probably true, but what it doesn’t say is although blacks only make up about 13% of the population, they commit the vast majority of violent crime in the U.S.

  3. The supporters of CRT tell us the only way for the ‘Superior’ race to make up for its past mis-deeds is to become Mental Flagelists. The original Flagelists came into being during the period of the Black Death in Europe. Groups of them would wander the countryside, stopping every 33 days to flog themselves in an effort to combat the Black Death, which they saw as coming about through human sin. Today, it would be a mental flogging (I am ***** so I am racist. I must not think of my self as being as good as ***** to atone), 24/7
    This is not to say there are NOT those who do think they are superior by way of their race, but they don’t give a damn about CRT in the first place except to use it to prove their belief (We are superior and this proves it, otherwise they wouldn’t want us to apologize for it).
    And doesn’t this prove that those who support CRT consider themselves superior to those they accuse?

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