Hilarious: Watch the Let’s Go Brandon Ad that Humiliated Biden During the Superbowl

If there was a phrase that defined 2021, especially the second half of it, what would that phrase be? Probably either “F*** Joe Biden,” the original chant, or “Let’s Go Brandon,” the later deviation that managed to attack the president and media in a mere three words.

So, seeing it during the Superbowl was a pleasant surprise; somehow, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dave McCormick, a Republican, was able to sneak it past the MSM censors and into an awesome commercial that ran during the Superbowl. Effective for his campaign or not, it reminded all of America just how terrible Brandon is.

Well, not all of America. Just the local, Pennsylvania ad market. But still, the ad is epic and hits Biden for all of his many failures, from inflation to Afghanistan, open borders to sky-high gasoline costs, Biden has been a failure. Read more