More Video Evidence Obama In Charge – Holds Call With Dems In Congress With Out Biden

From President Biden’s first week in office, after asking what he was signing during a live event, the question of who is actually in charge has been up for debate.

I have been arguing that former President Barack Obama has been running the current administration, from his home down the street from the White House, an “Obiden” administration.

Back on Nov 30, 2020, before Biden was sworn in, Obama actually laid out what conditions he would need in order to run for a third term. The left says it was hyperbole, I believe reality.

  1. A Manchurian candidate who would be a conduit for him
  2. He would tell them via a microphone what to do.

In March 2021, White House Press Secretary Psaki said Obama and Biden were talking on a regular basis but refused to say how often and what was being discussed. Read more