Video: Texas Middle School Students Jump A High School Coach… Had Him Running For His Life & Then Threaten To Shoot Up School

Four middle school students are in custody after videos circulating social media showed them attacking a Langham Creek High School Coach on campus. The event occurred on Thursday, February 10, in Harris country, Texas.

Video shared on social media appears to show an adult struggling to defend himself against at least four attackers while others record the incident.

Michael Shott, an assistant baseball coach and physics teacher at Langham Creek High, was injured in the attack.

It has been reported that the students in question were riding dirt bikes on the high school grounds. It was also said they were reckless and were performing dangerous stunts.

A student stated that the Coach showed concern and politely asked them to stop doing so. The students refused to cooperate and decided to jump him.

The middle schoolers proceeded to chase the coach until he fell. They also proceeded to punch him until Schott managed to getaway.

Schott’s mother Peggy Schott told that her son suffered a broken arm as a result of the attack. She said Michael is doing “fine” following the incident that shocked a community, and credits him for handling himself in a difficult situation.

“He’s doing fine. He’s at home. He has a broken arm, but the kids said that he’s doing what he’s always done and he’s fine,” said Peggy. “The reason it happened to him was because he was doing his job. He stopped the kids. Well, there was only one kid at first. The reason the others came back is because they didn’t like him stopping them.”

You can watch the video here

5 thoughts on “Video: Texas Middle School Students Jump A High School Coach… Had Him Running For His Life & Then Threaten To Shoot Up School”

  1. There is no longer any respect for adults. They don’t respect their parents because parents no longer demand respect from their children and you have to start early. Between the cell phone and boredom there is no preparation for the real world. Remember when kids had jobs! My son had a paper rout then worked week ends at a filling station. Some of his friends mowed lawns, baby sat, ran errands for shut in’s, worked at McDonalds. They learned the value of a dollar, a pay check and learned to deal with people. They learned the responsibility of doing a job for a pay check. The average teenager today is impolite and stupid, living there life experiences off the screen on a cell phone. . They have never learned a work ethic or that they really aren’t the center of the universe. Like bored and untrained puppies they end up with bad habits and sometimes homeless when the mom and dad money pit fries up.

  2. Sad thing is most of this crap is committed by black males (like all of the Asian hate crimes lately) but this is spun as a result of white supremacy and that the black males are victims acting out. What nonsense. Since they want to group all whites as racist crackers I say that our blacks are out of control and that’s the current problem with ALL of this. Poor parenting or no parenting, lazy thinking, drugs, and that garbage subculture celebrating thug life and all of that nonsense is the problem. But the media won’t be honest. Same for Biden’s moronic admin. Sad indeed…..

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