Watch: Gutfeld Blasts the Libs Trying to Take Credit for this Good Development

The Covid policies pushed by blue state governors, leftist celebrities, and incompetent bureaucrats have grown increasingly unpopular as the policies have dragged on for month after month, year after year.

Thanks to those policies, businesses were closed lives ruined, schools moved online indefinitely, and almost everyone was, at one point or another, forced to wear the hated, uncomfortable, in many cases not super effective masks.

Now, however, those policies are finally ending. The masks have been exposed in the press, even the mainstream press, the lockdowns have finally come to an end in the sane states, and schools are finally getting back to in-person learning (though, given the leftist tilt of almost all the teachers, that’s hardly a good thing overall).

So, naturally, the leftists, the same ones that pushed all those nonsense, horrid policies in the first place, are the ones trying to take credit for ending them.

Like a thug who kidnapped someone later taking them to the police station and trying to take credit for rescuing them, the leftists held their populaces under the iron vise of tyranny for two years and now are expecting laurel branches and triumphs because they finally are ending the evil policies. Read more