Hilarious: Sen. Kennedy Rips Trudeau [Video]

Senator Kennedy is quickly becoming one of the most outspoken critics of globalist figures and regimes. Whether fighting against Biden’s commie nominee, ripping Biden’s low IQ and woke crime policies, or even blasting such integral pieces of the leftist dogma as Roe v. Wade, Sen. Kennedy is willing to stand up and say what many people are thinking but few have the guts to utter.

Recently, he expanded his list of attacks, going from domestic globalist enemies to foreign parts of the globalist regime, tearing into Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his tyrannical recent actions, namely the decision to start seizing the financial assets of those protesting the Trudeau regime.

Appearing on Jesse Watters’ program to discuss the Canadian commie tyrant, Sen. Kennedy had this message for Trudeau:

“You say follow the science, Mr. Prime Minister. Let’s follow the science. We look around. We see the Omicron variant. Its virulence waning. Most of us have immunity. We are either natural or we are vaccinated.

What, Mr. Prime Minister, is your road map for getting government off our backs and allowing us to get back to normal?’…Instead of saying, ‘Fair question, let’s sit down and talk about it.’ His plan for convincing the truckers that they are wrong is by saying you’re a bunch of stupid idiots.” Read more