Parents Just Took a MASSIVE Win against Woke Schooling in San Francisco

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Though Governor Ron DeSantis is snagging all the headlines for his brutal fight with the lazy, leftist teacher unions and woke school boards in that state, he’s not the only one fighting back against the plague of wokeness that’s swept over America’s schools.

In fact, victories are being won across the union, most recently, and indeed surprisingly, in normally woke San Francisco, where parents just booted woke school board members from their positions of power by a massive margin.

Specifically, the San Francisco voters rid themselves of three particularly bad school board members in a recall election: Alison Collins, Gabriela López, Faauuga.

And they weren’t just recalled by a slight margin. No, voters overwhelmingly voted to boot them from office, with about three-quarters of voters voting to recall the woke school board members. As Breitbart reports:

Early results on Tuesday evening showed the recall leading by three-to-one margins in each race, and the result was later confirmed, dealing a swift verdict on “woke” ideology, left-wing coronavirus policies, and the intransigence of teachers’ unions about reopening schools during the pandemic. Read more