“Room for a Few More Stars”: Watters Suggest We Do This to Help the Canadian Truckers

What can be done to help the Canadian truckers who are being oppressed by their tyrannical overlord, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Jesse Watters has a suggestion: how about, instead of invading Ukraine to fight the Russians, we invade Canada to fight the communist tyrant on our border. As he puts it, our flag has “room for a few more stars.”

As Watters described the situation, where Trudeau has started flexing “emergency powers” to shut down the protests:

This act that he just used was created for events like natural disasters, civil unrest, and war. You know, real emergencies.

Never once did they play the Emergencies Act card. But this week it’s being used to squash political opponents. This is a level of crackdown that would make even Xi Jinping jealous.

He then continued to press the attack, specifically over the debanking issue, which he and many other see as a huge red flag, as it gives the government the power to cut critics out of the financial system simply for protesting and standing up for what they believe in. In his words:

Is this Canada or Cuba?. They can freeze your money in your bank account if they think you’re supporting civil disobedience and you can’t say anything about that or do anything. This is the straight-up Soviet Union playbook.

… [T]hey’ll take your hard-earned cash, disperse it how they see fit, and then say you’re no better than a terrorist.”

He then ended by saying that perhaps it’s time that the tanks roll and head to the North, using American firepower to liberate the Canadians and free them from their commie dictator. In his words: Read more