(VIDEO) “Justice is Coming for Hillary”: Watch the Epic New Video that Trump Just Released

Former President Donald Trump is going scorched Earth on Hillary Clinton and her gang of corrupt, self-righteous cronies, the gang of intelligence officers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, and techies that spied on him both before and during his presidency.

Whereas some Republicans (read: spineless, milquetoast losers of the Paul Ryan sort) would use the incident as an opportunity for “learning and dialogue” or some such cowardly BS, Trump sure isn’t. Rather, he’s breaking out every toolkit in his arsenal to rip Clinton and expose her as the corrupt, wicked witch that she so evidently is.

Most recently, that took the form of an epic, one-minute video in which he both exposes her for doing the corrupt, totally illegal act and exposes the media for keeping it hidden, and even now, after the massive bombshell went off, is more or less refusing to cover the allegations against Clinton. Watch it here:

A key moment in the short video is when, after showing a not-so-flattering frame of Hillary Clinton cackling, the video moves to a clip of Trump arguing with a media hack on 60 Minutes, insisting that his campaign was spied on by Hillary while she refuses to even consider the allegation. Read more