(Video) Group Of Armed Robbers Approach Jewelry Store Owner – He Shows Them The Power Of The Second Amendment!

An attempted armed robbery of a jewelry store near Redwood City on Monday led to the store owner using his own gun to shoot at the suspects, though no one was hurt, according to his wife and co-owner.

San Mateo County sheriff’s officials said deputies were called to Plaza Jewelers at 3303 Middlefield Rd. at 5:50 p.m. Monday night.

Surveillance video shows the moment three masked gunmen stormed into Plaza Jewelers Monday evening, ordered everyone to the ground, and demanded their money and jewelry. But they’re seen frantically running out of the store seconds later — after the store owner shot at them.

The store owner once again revealed the power of the second amendment as he saves his property from being looted but he also saved the lives of his customers! 

Watch the video here