Breaking: BLM’s Main Revenue Source Obliterated As Huge Company Gives Them The Boot

The controversial social justice activist group, Black Lives Matter (BLM), is starting to reap what they sowed following their on-the-street anarchists causing over 1 billion dollars in damages while rioting across the U.S., and their founders purging the organization of millions of dollars in donations for personal real estate purchases.

A big revenue source for BLM just ended the relationship.

Amazon kicked Black Lives Matter off its charity platform AmazonSmile on Tuesday as the social justice organization faces intense scrutiny from multiple states over the status of its financial windfall from 2020.

The move deprives the organization of a major revenue source that has provided $306 million to U.S. charities and comes less than two years after Amazon itself donated $10 million to BLM and 11 other social justice groups amid the nationwide unrest spurred by George Floyd’s killing.

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of BLM who resigned last May after amassing a $3.2 million real estate portfolio, blamed the group’s own questionable accounting on its white donors. Read more

2 thoughts on “Breaking: BLM’s Main Revenue Source Obliterated As Huge Company Gives Them The Boot”

  1. “BLM” is a typical “Left” group operation. They conned people into giving them money and destroy the very people they claim they are helping. And those in control take the money for their own use. Look at what the “Left” has done to those who the “Left” claims they want to help over the last 50 to 60 years.

    “BLM” is also a typical “Left” terrorist operation. Look at the violence Communist, NAZIs, and other “Left” groups have regularly engaged in other the decades. And remember, “NAZI” standards for “National Socialist German Workers Party” in English and much of the ideology came from the “Left” in the US in the 1920s. “BLM”, and “AntiFA” , use the same routine of violence. Also, keep in mind that “AntiFA” is modeled after the NAZI SA.

    And always remember to look past labels to the ideology since labels are often twisted or change over time to hide agendas. Consider, a “liberal” from the 1700s would be consider a “conservative” today. And a “conservative” from the 1700s would be considered a “liberal” today. Today, when one looks at the ideology of the “Left” and “Right”, or “Conservatives” and “Liberals”, today it can often be summarized as:

    “Left:/Liberal” : “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”
    “Right/Conservative” : “Supremacy of the People and the State serves the People”

    And when dealing with Monarchies consider how some of them were absolute dictators and others weren’t. Look at the patterns.

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