EPIC! Hunter Biden’s Recently Convicted Business Pal Delivers DEVASTATING To Blow Biden Family!

Devon Archer, a longtime business associate of Hunter Biden, former crack addict and the president’s son, was recently convicted of felony securities fraud thanks to a scheme in which he fleeced an Indian tribe out of millions of dollars.

While Elizabeth Warren is yet to comment on Bide’s business partners stealing yet more money from her people, Archer himself is using the intense scrutiny placed on him thanks to his connection with Hunter Biden in a desperate bid to get out of prison time.

Claiming that he’s already been punished enough because he was raked over the coals in the media due to that Hunter Biden connection, his lawyers argue in his sentencing memo, available here thanks to Just the News, that he doesn’t need prison time. Specifically, they argue (emphasis ours):

No matter how this case ultimately turns out, Mr. Archer has already suffered a great deal. He has lived with the crushing burden that his involvement, albeit unknowing, in Jason Galanis’s fraud caused harm to so many people – not only the direct victims of the crime, but also for example the numerous Burnham employees who lost their jobs as a result. He has lived with the impact on his family, including his three young children who have been traumatized by their father’s prosecution and conviction, which have become matters of national headlines and presidential politics by virtue of Mr. Archer’s association with people of prominence. And, relatedly, Mr. Archer has watched the reputation and career he built over decades fall apart around him as he has faced a near constant onslaught of vitriolic media attention.

What’s important there is the last line, where he places the blame on the “near constant onslaught of vitriolic media attention.” Read more

4 thoughts on “EPIC! Hunter Biden’s Recently Convicted Business Pal Delivers DEVASTATING To Blow Biden Family!”

  1. I wanted to read this article, thought it might be interesting. But couldn’t read it because I kept getting ads for tools and jewelry placed over the article. I tried to delete them, and was told they would no longer show up but they just kept coming on. I realize you need the ads to pay for your website, but must they appear ON THE ARTICLE?

  2. Boo Hoo Hoo! This punk should have thought of that before he got himself involved in this criminal enterprise. You reap what you sow.

  3. Is Mr. Devon Archer related to Hunter & Joe Biden?? Because Mr. Archer appears to share a very important character, (or lack of character),trait with Sleepy Joe, that being a total inability to take ANY responsibility for his own self-inflicted, criminal & corrupt actions resulting in chaotic disasters that harm other innocent people. Of course NOTHING is their fault… just saying…

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