WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Response When Asked If She Spied On Trump Says It All

A reporter from the Daily Mail recently asked Hillary Clinton if she paid operatives to spy on the Trump campaign. The same reporter would go on to ask when Clinton would comment on the spying allegations, but, as expected, Clinton replied by waving her hand and completely blowing off the reporter.

Watch the moment it happened here:

There was no chance Hillary Clinton was going to answer that question. Right now, her entire PR team is working overtime because they have to figure out how to respond to the allegations. More than likely, she will never address the allegation unless Special Counsel John Durham files a subpoena that makes her talk.

In case you are a bit behind, Durham made the shocking discovery that attorneys for Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid a computer tech firm to spy on President Donald Trump and suggests that more than a half-dozen felonies may have been committed in efforts to progress the baseless allegation that Trump conspired with Russia. Read more