Video: Couple Of Armed Robbers Approach Dearborn Convenience Store Worker, He Goes “Dirty Harry” On Them

A man fired shots at two different people during an armed robbery inside a Dearborn business, police said.

The robbery happened around 7:50 p.m. Wednesday (Dec. 15) at a business in the 7500 block of Wyoming Avenue, according to authorities.

Officials said a man wearing a surgical mask and all-black clothing walked into the store and fired one shot at someone. He stole several items from the store before leaving, according to police.

Authorities said the man fired a shot at a different person on his way out.

Nobody was injured during the incident, officials said.

“This is a heinous crime that is totally unacceptable,” Dearborn police Chief Ronald Haddad said. “We are thankful that no one was injured and we will dedicate all of our resources to identifying the person involved and bringing him to justice.”

Dearborn police have one picture of the robbers:

The police also suspect that the robber is a part of a larger group that operates in Dearborn and they believe that he is part of a group of robbers that were caught on surveillance video in a convenience store.

But in the video the would bee robbers were denied by a real-life “Dirty Harry” convenience store worker.

Watch the video here