Video Shows That Justin’s Green Shirts Officers Removed Their Identifying Names And Badge Numbers From Their Uniforms – Here’s The Reason Why

The Trudeau regime has given up all pretense of free society, as they trample freedoms and human beings in a vicious, Stalin-esque crackdown on free speech. Not just the speech of protesters but of the press as well.

The Ottawa government and the Canadian government overall are invoking anti-terror powers to physically assault protesters and reporters, and lying online about what they’re doing, gaslighting the world as they burn down Canada’s veneer of being a free state.

Lines of heavily-armed police in Ottawa dramatically thrust forward Saturday morning to gain yet more ground in the operation to smash the truck-protest occupation of the downtown area.

Within 30 minutes they had cleared an area right up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office – which has been the epicenter of the paralyzing three-week Freedom Convoy blockade by more than 300 trucks.

On Saturday, the debate on whether Trudeau should have enacted the draconian Emergency Powers Act resumed, after being suspended Friday over claims the nearby protests compromised Canadian MPs’ safety.

Around 50 arrests were made as the line moved steadily from the Chateau Launier hotel – which had been the overnight holding position – and up Wellington Street to the Parliament Buildings area.

Justin Trudeau’s SQ (Quebec provincial police service) officers removed their identifying names and badge numbers from their uniforms in Ottawa.

Check out the video here

11 thoughts on “Video Shows That Justin’s Green Shirts Officers Removed Their Identifying Names And Badge Numbers From Their Uniforms – Here’s The Reason Why”

  1. Where did they come from how do you know the green shirts are even Canadian police no names no badges not be surprised if they are mercenaries.

    1. That IS a definite possibility Tom. Removing official identifiers such as badges, name tags, as well as departmental patches was a sure sign that “some Heavy work” was going to occur even many years ago in law enforcement “engagements” in the U.S.. I should know as a retired law enforcement officer I have been involved with some of these types of situations. Only back then we were actually engaging against armed criminal perpetrators involved in violent, dangerous riots, we were not utilized as a strike force to neutralize peaceful protestors at the whim of a overzealous Tyrant!

  2. So proud to be a neighbor of Canada. The people of Canada are an inspiration to all, that you committee no acts of violence in the face of overwhelming violence, that you value your freedom enough to hit the streets and stand your ground. May you receive from your fellow citizens the support and courage that you have displayed. And may we too hit the streets with the Truckers coming here! God bless you all, I will forward all that I can to as many as possible.

  3. So very proud to be a neighbor of Canada. The people of Canada are an inspiration to all, that you committed no acts of violence in the face of overwhelming violence- you walk in the footsteps of giants and became giants of freedom yourselves. That your freedom meant enough for you to hit the streets and stand your ground. Canadian Police have just flushed a good reputation that endured thru wars,Ma depression for two hundred years. They have brought disgrace to RCMP. But the spirit of Canada lives within its people, the same who were first to volunteer, (before Canada even declared) for duty in WWI, who took in left over Americans during the Iranian Revolution, who asked time without end of their representatives to DO SOMETHING about the current circumstances of Canada. You have led the way for all of us. I WILL NOT COMPLY! May God bless you and may tomorrow bring more people of courage to the streets!

  4. Without clear, established identification, no need exists to assume these are duly appointed police. Therefore, they may be treated at their peril as hired thugs.

  5. Protesters reported that the Green Shirts did not understand English or french and woud not speak only making gutteral sounds if giving any acknowledgement. Moat Canadian Municipal police forces Police Union prevented their officers from getting the Covid jab, saving their health. The Canadian military cannot be called because most of the small Canadian military are suffering neurological damage from the vaccines. This appears to have prompted Trudeau to say the Canadian military will not be involved. And explains why UN aircraft have appeared this past week and brought in UN Personal/Troops to replace Canada’s military.
    It is believed the linguistically challenged Green Shirts are the UN troops

  6. No American truck driver should cross the Canadian border unless and until every Canadian truck driver is freed and reunited with his truck.

    I read on here somewhere that the mayor of Ottawa wants to sell all of the seized trucks–that cannot stand, or maybe he made a deal with the UN to have their green shirts fly in everything Canada needs.

  7. Ya, we did the same thing during the riots in the 60’s and 70’s. It kept the protesters from being able to identify us in Federal Court. Those were the good old days.

    1. Hey Budman, Either you’re just a shill citizen saying that for kicks; or you’re really a Coward ass cop, who doesn’t have the BALLS even TODAY, to post your REAL NAME!!

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