Video Shows That Justin’s Green Shirts Officers Removed Their Identifying Names And Badge Numbers From Their Uniforms – Here’s The Reason Why

The Trudeau regime has given up all pretense of free society, as they trample freedoms and human beings in a vicious, Stalin-esque crackdown on free speech. Not just the speech of protesters but of the press as well.

The Ottawa government and the Canadian government overall are invoking anti-terror powers to physically assault protesters and reporters, and lying online about what they’re doing, gaslighting the world as they burn down Canada’s veneer of being a free state.

Lines of heavily-armed police in Ottawa dramatically thrust forward Saturday morning to gain yet more ground in the operation to smash the truck-protest occupation of the downtown area.

Within 30 minutes they had cleared an area right up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office – which has been the epicenter of the paralyzing three-week Freedom Convoy blockade by more than 300 trucks.

On Saturday, the debate on whether Trudeau should have enacted the draconian Emergency Powers Act resumed, after being suspended Friday over claims the nearby protests compromised Canadian MPs’ safety.

Around 50 arrests were made as the line moved steadily from the Chateau Launier hotel – which had been the overnight holding position – and up Wellington Street to the Parliament Buildings area.

Justin Trudeau’s SQ (Quebec provincial police service) officers removed their identifying names and badge numbers from their uniforms in Ottawa.

Check out the video here