(Video) Young Guy Tries To Harass Old Man And His Family At The Beach – Ends Up With His Head In The Sand

People who harass or bully others do so in order to validate to themselves that they are somebody. They learned this behavior from role models in their environment. Most often, they were harassed or bullied during their childhood or adolescence and they act out their hurt and frustration by treating others the way they were treated. It is a defence mechanism. “I will put you in your place and show my power over you, before you do the same to me,” is the unconscious thought process behind bullying. By doing this, the bully, in fact, feels safe. The bully deludes themselves into feeling secure in their relationships by putting others down.

A good thing about it for their life is the temporary feeling of being powerful. Their ego is defended against any threat to their fragile self-esteem. In the long run, their bullying behavior is a bad thing for their lives because they keep others at bay by putting them down and they don’t recover from the “abuse” they suffered earlier in life. They end up alone.

But the ultimate disaster of a bully is a young person who likes to attack older people just to get their ego up!

One guy learned the hard way messing with older gentlemen is often a bad idea.

In a video making the rounds on social media, a young guy made the very foolish decision of squaring up with a guy who appears to be a lot older than him.

The video was taken at Venice Beach California.

Check out the video here