Video Shows Why Every Female Cop Should Have A MALE Partner – Man Disarms Female Deputy, Tries To Shoot Her, Other Cops Serves Him Instant Justice

There are significant policy-related differences between men and women. And it is likely in our best interest as police officers to capitalize on the differences and use them to our advantage.

While on the other side, if the differences cause challenges, change our method of training to accommodate the differences.

A video that we’ve received today shows why male and female cops should work together!

Officials say Forsberg found 21-year-old Ari Young outside the home, and he became combative with her.

Cellphone video shot from within a home on Cabazon Court begins as the man identified as Young is slugging Forsberg in the head. As Young forces Forsberg to the ground, a female bystander can be seen nearby.

Young struggles with the deputy on the ground and manages to discharge one bullet there before taking control of the weapon. He then stands up with the gun in his hands, takes aim, and fires at the deputy.

Young’s actions are then masked by a tree. Deputies can be heard ordering him to drop the gun and opening fire. The Sheriff’s Department says Young refused to drop the weapon.

Around a dozen, shots are heard before the video cuts off.

Watch the video here