Watch: Canadian Police Go All in on Tyranny, Vow to Track Down Protesters

Well, it’s official, protesting is illegal in Canada if you’re clamoring for something other than a viewpoint approved by the woke regime. BLM, Antifa, and other leftist thugs can do whatever they want, but the working class isn’t allowed to protest in favor of its interests anymore, and those that do will be tracked down by thuggish members of the Canadian police.

Watch that dystopian announcement here:

As you can hear in the video, a reporter asked Bell, the interim police chief of Ottawa, what he meant by saying that the police would use body cam and surveillance footage to track down and punish those involved with the protest with “financial sanctions and criminal charges.” Specifically, the independent reporter asked:

Can you elaborate? Like if the protesters at this point, you know retreat and go home are they going to be getting repercussions down the road. Are you going to be sort of actively pursuing the people that you’ve been sort of documenting and filming that are still out there protesting? What are your plans after this?Read more