Hilarious: The Brilliant Plan to Keep Red States Red

One problem many of the best red states have experienced is the problem of blue staters moving to them because their blue states became unlivable, but then continuing to vote Democrat anyway.

That’s especially problem for the more pleasant states to live in, whether the balmy state of Florida or the beautiful state of Idaho; rich Californians and New Yorkers flee there only to vote in a way that would turn them into a spitting image of the broken down, crime-ridden, Democrat-run hellholes that they fled from.

The weather, low taxes, beautiful views, and good governance draws Americans like a magnet, with many of those drawn to Texas, Florida, and others being unfortunately leftist in outlook.

How can those running red states stop the gradual drift left that comes with blue state migration? By passing laws that would infuriate the leftists and keep them from coming in the first place, an idea this brilliant Twitter account came up with after exposing the problem of blue-staters moving to red states:

Just met a fellow at the hotel bar from New Jersey. He loves diversity. He hates Republican laws. He even loves his HOA. And he’s made his home in Florida.

Red states, you are inviting your own demise unless you start controlling your borders.

You discourage Democrat residents the same way Democrats discourage Republican residents. You pass laws they hate. They really hate it when you make owning guns easier and getting abortions harder.

Red states, you wanna pass a good law that also discourages affluent blue state liberals from moving to your state? Mandate firearms training in schools.

You get the added benefit of having a salty ass veteran range master at every school as a deterrent to school shooters.