Pure Communism – Ottawa Mayor Wants To SELL Confiscated Freedom Convoy Trucks (Video)

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has hailed the police crackdown on Freedom Convoy anti-warrant protesters in the Canadian capital.

After the protests ended, he told state media that trucks, trailers, and vehicles seized from protesters should be sold, saying Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial emergency powers allowed him to do so.

As of Saturday, police had towed 53 vehicles from downtown streets since the movement began Friday to remove them, some of which had been occupying the area for three full weeks.

Mayor Watson confirmed that he’d like to see seized vehicles sold to help the city cover the costs incurred due to the convoy.

“We actually have the ability to confiscate those vehicles and sell them,” he said.

“And I want to see them sold,” the mayor continued. “I don’t want the return to these people who’ve been causing such frustration and angst in our community.”

The mayor told that Ottawa has that power due to the Emergencies Act, which was invoked by the federal government last week.

Watson said he’s been pleased by the level of professionalism shown by law enforcement since officers began stepping up their efforts Friday to clear the protest. But he also said he worries about demonstrators who have been “taunting police, being completely irresponsible, and don’t want to seem to leave.”

You can watch the video here

1 thought on “Pure Communism – Ottawa Mayor Wants To SELL Confiscated Freedom Convoy Trucks (Video)”

  1. God Bless every single protester, and those who support their cause. This started because of overreach by someone who has no clue of the duties he has been elected to serve. His narcissistic personality will not allow him to learn anything, unless it comes fro Klaus the Louse Schwab, and we all know how suited he is to run anything. Look around you, if every country were interested in approving the lives of their citizens, all of us would be in better shape both personally and country! These men and women wanted only to work, do you understand that? They just wanted to do their job, deliver goods that people need to go about their lives, and Trudeau would not even talk to them, nor did their elected representatives do anything to advance their cause. We would love to have those citizens who wish to work, we have some who just want a government check with no requirement or effort. So if you cannot find fresh produce in your stores, or diapers, or repair parts that you ordered, it will be because not only were they treated in a disgraceful manner, the Mayor of Ottawa wants to sell their trucks and anything else they confiscated – which means many would never recover their goods or ability to work. Cancel your plans to visit Ottawa their police are a nightmare, there are plenty of videos to show how a little bit of power creates monsters in some. That was a real eye opener, our family respected them for three generations, and then to see this, the removal of their badges and names- as if that gave them the freedom to act as Storm Troopers for the Empire- just plain Fascist.

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