Videos: Communist Book Club In Providence Gets A Visit From Local Nazis And Things Get Interesting

The rise of Fascism and similar movements in many European countries after World War 1 was a direct reaction to the rise of Bolshevism. It was, above all, the Nazis’ loathing of Communism that gained powerful financial backing for Hitler. Without such support he might never have got beyond the beer halls of Bavaria.

It would be a mistake to take the reference to ‘socialist’ in the name of the Nazi party at face value.

The key reason for the existence of the Nazi party was to fight Communism. The anti-semitism of the Nazis was closely linked to the high proportion of Jews in the early leadership of the Soviet Union.

In modern times clashes of these two groups are rare but we have one video that was sent to us this morning!

On Sunday in Providence, an event to mark the 174th anniversary of the publication of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was underway at Red Ink Community Library when a number of self-identified Nazis, holding a red swastika flag, began banging on the windows screaming obscenities.

The Communists tried to respond, but got scared and called the cops!

Due to the publication of The Communist Manifesto, February 21 is celebrated internationally as Red Books Day and the Nazis apparently came in response to this event which was advertised on Facebook.

In the video, you can hear the Nazis chanting, rattling the windows, and screaming obscenities.

“You commie piece of sh*t!” shouted one Nazi. “You fucking commie piece of sh*t! Commie Scum! Shut your goddamn mouth you f**king wh**e! Commie Scum off our streets!”

Video from both inside and outside Red Ink Library shows nearly two dozen Nazis..

You can watch the videos here