Video: Fake News Journalists Rescued From Icy Ditch By Freedom Convoy Protester

A CBC reporter in Ontario, captured the moment a protester came to the aid of a CBC van stuck along the side of the road, all while he reportedly donned a “defund the CBC” hat.

The video was filmed near a protesters camp outside of Arnprior, Ontario.

The incident was documented by Ashley Burke, senior reporter for the Canadian news network CBC. She wrote on Twitter that the demonstrator, named Tyson Gareau, was wearing a “defund the CBC” hat when he pulled them out of the ditch.

A parliamentary reporter with the state broadcaster had headed to the town about 70km west of Ottawa to gather footage of remaining convoy trucks parked there. When the crew’s van reportedly went into a nearby ditch, trucker Gareau used a chain to pull it out with his Ford pickup.

Garneau said that he would never leave anyone stuck in a ditch, even if they’re from the organization he wants to see defunded.

He lost his job as a trucker and “doesn’t know what comes next but said he wants freedom for his grandkids,” according to Burke.

She wrote on Twitter: “Garneau said he lost his job because he took time off work to participate in the demonstration. He came to Ottawa at the start of the freedom convoy and is from outside Thunder Bay.”

Watch the video here