EPIC! Jordan Peterson Offers Canadians Way to Limit Trudeau’s Tyranny (VIDEO)

Though Trudeau has now surrendered his Emergency Powers, giving in to the massive pressure pushing him to give such powers up and saying:

The situation is no longer an emergency, therefore the federal government will be ending the use of the emergencies act. We are confident that existing laws and bylaws are sufficient.

However,  at least one aspect of the tyranny remains: those that supported the protest are still debanked, with their assets frozen and bank accounts canceled in the name of public safety. Breitbart, reporting on that, had this to say:

Under the Emergencies Act invoked by this week by Trudeau, law enforcement officials have the ability to arrest people for obstruction of roadways and disruptive behaviour within a no-go exclusion zone. They also have the power to seize vehicles and freeze the same bank accounts.

Well, former professor and current podcast host and author Jordan Peterson, speaking on the situation in Canada during an episode of his show titled “The Catastrophe of Canada,” had this suggestion for how Canadians can limit their exposure to Trudeau’s tyranny:

“I’ve been in contact with a reliable source within the Canadian military, and he told me today by email that if I had any sense I’d take my money out of the Canadian banks because the situation is far worse than I’ve been informed.”

In sharing that, he’s effectively telling his listeners “Pull your money out of Canadian banks. You can’t trust the financial institutions.”

And indeed they can’t, as things in Canada have gone beyond the point of belief, as Peterson highlighted:

This morning — you know I don’t know what to make of all of this because it’s happening so quickly. I can’t believe the state to which the country has degenerated.

So let’s talk about the bank. So here’s what our prime minister did last week: He permanently destroyed 20 percent of the population’s faith in the entire Canadian banking system and stained the Canadian banking system’s international reputation, I would say, for decades.”

Watch him here:

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