WATCH: “Hell On Earth” Russia Bombing Chernobyl Could Cause RADIATION Cloud Across Europe

Russian troops are fighting Ukrainians in the town of Chernobyl this afternoon – a town about 60 miles away from the capital of Kiev. If storage facilities holding nuclear waste are damaged, a radiation fallout cloud could cover many European countries.

If storage facilities are destroyed, the radioactive cloud could cover Ukraine, Belarus and the EU,’ said the Ukrainian adviser for interior affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

Troops entered the Chernobyl exclusion zone at around 3pm this afternoon local time, and since this announcement an adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky warned that the nuclear storage ‘may’ have been hit. If that is the case, an ‘ecological disaster’ would ensue. Read more

2 thoughts on “WATCH: “Hell On Earth” Russia Bombing Chernobyl Could Cause RADIATION Cloud Across Europe”

  1. If in fact the Chernobyl Radiation Waste Site has been hit by bombs, this has just change this to a nuclear war! Time for the world to confirm the attack on Chernobyl. Billions of dollars Has been spent on securing the “Russian Power Plant” now this. Accountablity Now. Action Now. Thank You Joe Biden for your actions of inaction.

  2. This reporting has got the situation backward or is propaganda to vilify Russia.
    When Putin first went into the Ukraine he secured the Chernobyl reactor site with Spetnatz and mobile SAM missile systems
    For many years there has been a fear that Islamist’s would try to obtain material from Chernobyl to make dirty bombs or to try and breach the encasement to irradiate the EU.
    Yesterday numerous Twitter feeds pointed out that while the Ukraine president was accusing Russians Mig 29’s of of indiscriminately bombing civilian towns, the Ukrainian civilians uploaded videos of the bombings that clearly show it is F14s firing the attack missiles. Only the Ukraine Air force has F14s. The Ukrainians are bombing their own to blame Russia. Other tweets are from Ukrainians claiming to be fleeing to be protected by the Russians due to the Ukrainian military attacks. Today Twitter announced it will censor info coming out of the Ukraine?
    Also Today the Ukrainian military is attacking the Russian troops at Chernobyl stating that if the Russians blow up Chernobyl it will imperil the EU, So now we know why the Russians captured Chernobyl first – to keep the Ukrainian from rupturing the reactor site to blame the Russians and thereby draw in the EU forces.

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