Disgraceful! Watch As Joe Biden Smiles Sheepishly When Asked Questions About Ukraine (VIDEO)

There is a lot to be said that the United States, through decades of violative actions vis-a-vis NATO agreements and its supportive role in 2014 of a coup d’etat in Kiev, among other things, bears a large portion of responsibility in the escalated situation between Russia and Ukraine. We can’t discuss events on the ground without being honest.

That being said, Joe Biden is absolutely failing in every regard with his international responses. His withdrawal from Afghanistan clearly emboldened our enemies. Putin is able to show his resolve for Russian sovereignty with a full military assault on neighboring Ukraine. Reports are that China flew multiple sorties over Taiwan this week. Our border remains a mess.

When asked in his most recent press conference about the United States’ weak reply – sanctions, that’ll show ‘em! – Biden lost his train of thought, stopped talking, and smiled for an embarrassingly long eight seconds. There’s crunge, and then there’s this, from the supposed leader of the free world:

“If we don’t move against him now with these significant sanctions, he will be emboldened. Look, you know, every, uh, well, anyway.”

Let’s repeat that last part:

“Look, you know, every, uh, well, anyway.” Read more