Thirteen Ukrainian Soldiers Perish In Heroic Stand Against Russian Attack; You Won’t Believe Their Last Words

There is a lot to be said that the United States, through decades of violative actions vis-a-vis NATO agreements and its supportive role in 2014 of a coup d’etat in Kiev, among other things, bears a large portion of responsibility in the escalated situation between Russia and Ukraine. We can’t discuss events on the ground without being honest.

In an unverified video first released by a Ukrainian media outlet and later allegedly substantiated by the Interior Minister, both visual and audio show and describe the interaction between the two sides.

Breitbart transcribed the conversation:

“I am a Russian warship. I offer to lay down our arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unjustified casualties. Otherwise, you will be bombed,” the Russian warship reportedly said twice in the audio.

The radio operator then allegedly replied: “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”

It was later reported that the thirteen soldiers were among over 100 army deaths on the first day of fighting against the Russian invasion. Again as reported by Breitbart:

“On the first day of fighting amid the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, 13 Ukrainian border guards died after being shelled by a Russian warship as they attempted to defend the island in the Black Sea. President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that all 13 border guards lost their lives defending the island after the Russian warship fired upon them.”

These thirteen specifically were quickly posthumously awarded Heroes of Ukraine, the nation’s highest honor by President Volodymyr Zelensky. In a speech, he said: Read more