Video: 18 Year Old Wanted Carjacker Tries To Run Over Cop During Stop, It Doesn’t End Well For Him

The Baltimore Police Department on Friday released 45 minutes worth of graphic body-camera footage of a police shooting over the weekend that killed an 18-year-old from Anne Arundel County.

The shooting happened on February 19, 2022. Officers were following a vehicle that they believed was connected to a series of robberies, according to police.

At least four officers approached a white Honda Accord, driven by 18-year-old Donnell Rochester.

Patrol officer Connor Murray and his partner officer Lutz later found Rochester parked in the 1800 block of Chilton Street.

He and a female passenger start running. As officers began giving chase, Rochester reverses course and once again returns to his car to try and drive away. “Stop it, stop the car,” Officer Connor Murray yells as Rochester drives the car toward him.

By that time, three officers have surrounded Rochester’s car with guns drawn ordering him to get out.

Officer Connor Murray is positioned in front of Rochester’s car. Video shows Rochester accelerating towards Murray, at which point he shoots.

It’s unclear in the video if Murray was ever struck, but he is seen falling to the side as the car continues on. Seconds later, Rochester crashes into another car and surrenders. Police place him under arrest and notice that he’d been struck by their gunfire.

The video released by Baltimore Police comes from the cameras on four officers. You can watch it here