[Video] Insane: Hillary Calls Says The UNTHINKABLE Against Russia

What would be a bad idea right now? Handing information to China, as Team Biden did, or worrying about climate change rather than the actual invasion, as John Kerry did, both aren’t great and show that our elites are incompetent.

But those two tales of incompetence are small potatoes compared to Hillary Clinton’s recent idea of how to get back at Russia. Here’s what she said while on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

“There were reports overnight that Anonymous, a group of hackers, took down Russian TV.

I think that people who love freedom, people who understand that our way of life depends upon supporting those who believe in freedom as well, could be engaged in cyber support for those in the streets and Russia.

We did some of that during the Arab Spring when I was secretary of state. I think we could be also attacking a lot of the government institutions and, again, the oligarchs and their way of life through cyberattacks.”

You can watch the video here