Watch: This Democrat Just Ripped Apart Biden-Era Cancel Culture in Electrifying CPAC Speech

Tulsi Gabbard, despite being a former Democrat congresswoman, spoke at CPAC. During her speech, she railed against the cancel culture so everpresent in the Biden era, saying:

We have too many people in positions of power whose foremost responsibility is to protect our freedoms and uphold our God-given rights, and yet they are the ones who are actually trying to take these rights away from us. 

This is the biggest threat to our country. It is not coming from some foreign country — it is coming from power elites here at home and their co-conspirators in the mainstream media and the security state who are working to undermine our freedoms.

Then, continuing her takedown of the tyrannical manner in which the security state is going after the freedoms of average Americans who dare do dissent, she said:

But what’s even more dangerous than this threat of being canceled is the Federal Government wielding its power and might to punish those who dare to question those who disagree with them and their policies.

Then, explaining why the security state and Biden apparatchiks are coming after patriots with such a vengeance, Gabbard highlighted the secular theocracy nature of the modern left, saying:

If you replace the word ‘U.S. government’ with the word ‘church,’ we can see how those in power see themselves as the High Priest in a secular theocracy. Read more