Breaking: White House and Congress Make BIG Decisions On Masks

On Capitol Hill it appears that every decision comes down to one thing, staying in power.

The democratic party promoted Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the defunding of the police during 2020-2021, but then suddenly stopped when they started losing special elections, as the electorate voted to remove them out of office for these and other reasons.

The left is nervous as polls are showing that the Biden administration’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and COVID vaccines mismanagement are setting up a probable red wave in the upcoming mid-term elections.

In a recent Washington Post/ABC poll, published Sunday, found that President Bidens’s overall approval rating dropped to a new low of 37 percent, and found that approval of his management of coronavirus, specifically, had steadily dropped over the past year, from 64 percent approval last April to 44 percent approval as of February 24.

Biden’s decline in approval of his handling of the virus comes “even as the number of covid cases has dropped sharply and a general easing of mask mandates and other restrictions is underway in many parts of the country,” the Post noted.

In an apparent all-hands-on-deck effort, the Centers for Disease Control quietly walked back some of their masking guidance.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on Friday that it was scaling back its mask-wearing recommendations. Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky hosted a briefing call with reporters and other scientists to discuss the news. Read more