Staged Video – Ukrainian “Journalist” Breaks Down In Tears As She Demands Boris To Drag Britain Into War – The “Journalist” Is A is a Biden-Linked World Economic Forum Global Leader

Another morning another staged appearance on TV!

The Sun who s a UKs equivalent of Amerca’s New York Times reported a really heartbreaking story.

Journalist Daria Kaleniuk has been praised after emotionally appealing to Boris Johnson to enforce a no-fly zone to protect citizens from Russia’s bombs.

Here’s what The Sun had to say about her:

THIS is the moving moment a tearful Ukrainian confronted Boris Johnson about the West’s failure to impose a no-fly zone to protect innocent mums and babies from Putin’s missiles.

Daria Kaleniuk, a journalist who fled the war-torn nation to come to Poland, accused the PM of allowing humans to be shields against a sea of bombs, and said World War 3 had already begun.

Watch the video here