BREAKING: Investigations Incoming, Jim Jordan Has Major News for Fauci!

What should the GOP do when it reclaims power after the 2022 red wave?

With Biden in office, passing legislation is unlikely, as is ushering pro-Constitution judges through the Senate confirmation process. Though Biden won’t be able to get much done either, the GOP will be more or less unable to do anything that requires the president’s signature.

But there is one thing the GOP will be able to wield its power and do: investigate those who have done so much to destroy America.

Jim Jordan hinted that such a plan might be on the GOP’s plate post-November, telling Just the News that the GOP will have three major targets it investigates once it reclaims power in November.

The first was Fauci, the gravel-voiced, wizened tyrant who has done so much to make the lives of ordinary Americans a living hell for over two years now. Jordan, obviously wanting to take that tyrannical bureaucrat down, said:

All the lies from the misinformation, the disinformation from [Dr.] Fauci and the CDC. That is because they knew from the get-go [coronavirus] came from the lab, likely came from a lab, gain of function likely done, and our tax dollars were used.”

That’s somewhat similar to what he told the Washington Times at CPAC while also indicating that the GOP could investigate Hunter Biden. In his words:

I think there’s real investigative work that needs to happen there. No doubt about it. We’ve talked about a joint investigation into Fauci and the whole lab gain of function, American tax dollars being spent towards the Wuhan Institute of Virology … but with Hunter Biden, it may be us or may be more with [Rep. James Comer] in oversight.

However, in Jordan’s statement to Just the News, Hunter wasn’t next on the list, or even on it. Rather, he next spoke about the crisis at the border, saying:

I mean, this is intentional, this is deliberate, there’s no other logical conclusion you can reach. So we have to investigate the border situation, two million illegals crossing our border in one year, just wrong.”

Then, giving his third and final target, Jordan went after the DOJ, which has transformed into a leftist secret police force, particularly when dealing with anti-CRT parents. In the words of Just the News:

The GOP’s third investigative target as the House majority party is related to the “weaponization” of the Department of Justice and “parts of government to go specifically against parents,” said the pro-Trump stalwart. Read more