VIDEO: High School Teacher Sends Student To Hospital After Assaulting Him For Not Wearing Mask (Graphic)

An Indiana school teacher was fired and banned from school grounds for striking the student, which was caught on school security cameras.

The incident occurred Friday, Feb. 25, at Jimtown High School in Elkhart. Mike Hosinski, a teacher of 40 years, confronted a student about their attire, and their verbal exchange continued into the school hallway.

According to Baugo Community School Superintendent Byron Sanders, Hosinski confronted a student about a hooded sweatshirt the student was wearing in class.

Security video shows a student wearing a dark gray hoodie and backpack walking down a hallway, away from the camera. Hosinski is then seen leaving a classroom and following the student, with two other people watching in the hallway. The teacher breaks into a jog as the student turns a corner and the video switches to a different camera.

From the second camera, Hosinski is seen grabbing the student by the backpack and pushing them against the wall. The teacher stands over the student, pointing his left finger at the child before slapping him with his right hand.

The student’s head struck the wall after the slap. Hosinski then grabbed the student with both hands on the front of the student’s sweatshirt and started to pull them down the hall, but the student fell to the ground. Hosinski made a gesture, pointing back toward the classroom from which he came, then walked off, turning briefly to shout toward an adult that had come out of a classroom and was tending to the student.

“The student suffered visible injuries. Medical staff immediately treated the student and he was sent to the hospital.” Sanders said.

Watch the graphic video here