Joy Behar on ‘The View,’ Face-plants in Front of Audience! (VIDEO)

The 79-year-old comedian was walking out onstage at the start of the live show when she took a tumble just before reaching her seat.

Cameras captured Behar face-planting on the stage, with the dramatic vision beamed out to audiences across the country.

Co-hosts Sara Haines, 44, and legal eagle Sunny Hostin, 53, were heard gasping before they tried to help Behar get up from the ground.

“The View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg, 66, also rushed over to tend to the veteran star, telling her to “just stand.”

Behar needed the help of Haines and Hostin to get back on her feet, and a production assistant also ran onstage for added support.

Behar did not suffer serious injury, and was able to continue on with the show. Read more

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