Look Who’s Getting Fired From CNN!

If CNN fires Brian “the Potato” Stelter, we’re gonna have to find a new joke. There won’t be “Tater” to mock anymore!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you prefer truth in media to easy jokes), news is dribbling out of the network that Mr. Potatohead’s final days at CNN are numbered, with much of that news leaking out on Twitter:

Fantastic news: Brian Stelter, who spent most of the last half decade trying to cost other people their jobs, has told several people that be thinks he’s going to lose his job at CNN. Where else could he go? Who on earth would ever put that guy on TV again?

SOURCE: In the new @CNN post-Discovery “the role of ‘Media Reporter’ is going to take a new direction that will require staff realignments”

Understand that the ‘Media Reporters’ at CNN. Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy were Zucker’s hit men and cleanup crew. It makes sense Discovery would like to start fresh. /More to come.

Also. The fact Discovery leaked the name of the new CNN head to an ex-CNN reporter and not current media reporters says all you need to know. Read more