“The View” Goes Berserk on Tucker for Asking One Simple Question

If you’re an average American, someone who wants the nation’s highest court to be full of the best and brightest, you might want to know the LSAT score that Kentaji Brown Jackson, Biden’s SCOTUS pick, received.

If she’s as smart as the left claims when it writes its glowing articles about her, then no trouble, right? She got a good score if she’s as smart as they say, so it (theoretically) shouldn’t be a problem; it’d just be more proof of her smarts.

Well, according to politically “enlightened” ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin, you’re a racist for wanting to know that number.

In fact, that’s exactly what she said about Tucker Carlson’s recent call for Team Biden to release Jackson’s LSAT number.

Tucker, on his show, said “So is Ketanji Brown Jackson — a name that even Joe Biden has trouble pronouncing — one of the top legal minds in the entire country?” he said. “We certainly hope so. Biden is right. Appointing her is one of his gravest constitutional duties. So, it might be time for Joe Biden to let us know what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was. Well, how did she do on the LSAT? Why wouldn’t you tell us that? That would settle the question conclusively as to whether she is a once in a generation legal talent, the next Learned Hand?

So, the clucking hens on the View went about criticizing him in their typically vapid manner, with host Whoopi Goldberg leading the idiotic charge.

She began the conversation, saying, “Well, funny, you didn’t ask Amy Coney Barrett that. You didn’t ask that for that with Kavanaugh. So, I hate to tell you this, Tucker, but this may be one of the reasons people actually think you are racist.” Read more