(VIDEO) Thug Set Free AGAIN After Smearing FECES in Her Face!

A career criminal who smashed a woman in the face with a bag of his own excrement and brazenly joked to cops “sh-t happens” was released without bail on Monday.

The disgusting incident which happened on a Bronx subway station was captured on CCTV.

According to police reports, Frank Abrokwa, 37, had approached and attempted to speak to the female victim who was sitting on a platform bench.

Apparently unhappy with the woman’s lack of response, Abrokwa said: “Hey mami, how come you don’t want to talk to me?”

He proceeded to enter an empty car of a train where he filled a plastic bag with his own feces before smashing it in the victim’s face.

“Instead of taking the lack of engagement in stride, the defendant responded with violence”, said Assistant District Attorney Grace Phillips.

“He walked into a nearby idling subway car and defecated in a bag.” Read more