Video: Ukraine Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet, Captures Insanely Fat Pilot

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues the assault on Ukraine’s major cities a week after launching a large-scale invasion of the country. He warns West that trying to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be seen as “participation in the armed conflict.”

Every gust of wind loosens another pane of glass, another lump of rubble, sending debris crashing into the streets of Chernihiv, scattering surviving civilians as they navigate their devastated city.

The industrial town of 300,000 sits across the path chosen by a Russian invading army for its advance on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and it has paid a steep price for resisting the assault.

Dozens of civilians have been killed in shelling, missile attacks, and air raids, and now those remaining live among ruins and craters — many of them seeking to escape.

“Russian troops launched a missile on a multistory residential area in the city center,” the head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Viacheslav Chaus said in his Telegram channel. “Many apartment buildings were damaged, windows were broken, walls, roofs, balconies were damaged, walls and ceilings were destroyed in some places.”

Ukrainian air defence specialists shot down a Russian aircraft and allegedly captured its pilot on the outskirts of Chernihiv on Saturday. He has been identified as Alexander Krasnoyartsev. It was found out that the pilot had participated in Russian aerial operations in Syria and killed many Syrians in the past years.

A video of the incident was shared by the Ukrainian defence ministry on Twitter. According to reports, the co-pilot, identified as Major Krivolapov, was killed in the incident.

In a video, you can see what appears to be a Russian fighter jet going down near Chernihiv. Watch the video here