VIDEO: President Trump Tells LEGEND John Daly What He Would Do To Putin Should He Invade Ukraine Under His Watch

A video of legendary golfer John Daly and President Trump has just gone viral on social media.

President Trump told called pro-golfer John Daly on Friday that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin got along wonderful and that Russia did not attack Ukraine while he was president because he had threatened to bomb Moscow.

Trump said made these comments during a phone call with Daly that was recorded and released by someone in the room with Daly. Trump told Daly that he and Putin had a good relationship, and went on to share with the golf pro what he told to Putin behind closed doors which was “I’m telling you, Vladimir, if you do it, we’re going to strike Moscow hard. We’re going to make our way to Moscow.”

The Daily Mail went on to report Trump told Daly that Putin never invaded Russia under his watch.

‘He never did it during my time John, you know. They were all talking about it, ”Why didn’t he do this during the last four years?” Because he knew he couldn’t.’

The former president claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t mess with him, either. ‘Xi didn’t bother me either. I told him the same thing, that that’ll be next. You know that’s going to be next. Taiwan will be next,’ he predicted.

‘You won’t have any computer chips. They’ll blow them off the face of the earth.’

For those of you who don’t know much about Daly, he’s arguably a folk hero amongst golfers. Daly is not your typical golfer either, considering, he outweighs many of his opponents. While in his prime Daly’s unusual Diet Coke and cigarettes didn’t hold him back from winning the 1991 PGA championship. Although Daly was never on par with Woods or Mickelson, Daly remains a fan favorite amongst the golfing community. Read more