Guess What Joe Biden Says He Did Before Vice President…

There are a few things that Americans know about President Joe Biden.

He has trouble putting two sentences together, his son Hunter is a Crack attic and Biden makes up lies and/or exaggerates on a regular basis.

Well, Joe just did it again. This time the 78-year-old cranky U.S. Chief Executive Officer repeated a prior claim that he had been a teaching professor following his days as Barack Obama’s VP.

This was not the first time Biden told this fabrication; “I really enjoyed teaching and writing.” As of today though, Joe still has not stood in front of a classroom at the University of Pennsylvania and taught students.

You make me miss being a professor at Penn,” he told historian Heather Cox Richardson in an interview posted online Friday.

When I left the vice presidency I had a chance to do a number of things, but I took a professorship at the University of Pennsylvania on presidential politics and history, so I envy you. … I really enjoyed teaching and writing.”

Joe told the same false story a year ago, February 19, 2021.

Biden said in a live-streamed address during a Munich Security Conference:

Two year ago, as you pointed out when I last spoke in Munich, I was a private citizen. I was a professor, not an elected official.”

This statement had previously drawn controversy because of the amount of money he was paid by the progressive university, for only appearing nine times at the campus. Read more