Video: Russian Troops Open Fire On Unarmed Ukrainian Protesters That Demand They Leave Ukraine

Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced it would stop its bombardment of parts of Ukraine on Saturday, to allow for civilians to safely flee.

Thousands of people gathered in London, Sydney, Geneva, Frankfurt, Berlin, Athens, Helsinki, and other cities, with many demonstrators carrying the Ukrainian colors and banners denouncing Russia’s invasion.

On 4 March in the town of Novopskov in the Luhansk Region, local citizens took part in a peaceful rally to the streets to oppose the Russian aggressors who had seized their village hat they were not welcome. The invading soldiers began firing on civilians in response.

New video posted to social media shows at least one man getting hit by gunfire during a protest against the Russian military. In a video of the rally, residents could be seen waving Ukrainian flags and chanting “Ukraine!”

A man in front of the crowd walked toward troops before shots rang out. He fell to the ground, apparently wounded in the leg.

“Everybody must leave the area now,” a voice is heard saying in the distance.

A photograph from the scene showed a man with a bloodied leg being carried away; it appears to be the same individual.

A few sporadic shots rang out, and then a barrage of small arms fire followed as the crowd scatters.

Additional videos from the scene show that prior to the man being shot, the Russian military was firing their guns — not hitting the protesters — and giving apparent warning shots.

Watch the video here