WAR CRIMES CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Russian Troops Fire Mortar Round At Civilians They Promised They Would Let Leave In Irpin, 3 Dead Including 2 Children

HORROR pictures show the moment a column of refugees came under attack by Russian forces in Ukraine.

At least three people were killed when the mortar fire came raining down while men, women and children attempted to flee from Irpin near Kyiv.

In the heartbreaking video, we can see that Russian troops are deliberately firing 120mm mortars on a bridge in Irpin where civilians are trying to flee the city.

TV broadcast with TSN Reporter Oleksandr Motornyi and journalist Andriy Dubchak, first reported about this on Facebook.

According to Dubchak: “Mortar shelling began in Irpin: the occupiers fired 122mm shells in the direction of the crossing. People tried to hide, but many were children or elderly people. In 2-3 minutes at least one and a half dozen mortar volleys were heard.

Unfortunately, half an hour ago one of the shells hit a group of people– they were already past the crossing at that time– and killed four people, including two children.”

Details: People are trying to evacuate both on foot and by car, but the journalist urged them not to go in the direction of Stoyanka, because it is “deadly.”

According to Motorny, people who were trying to leave Irpin by car came under Russian fire. Some were wounded. There were children in the cars.

“The occupying troops are shooting at civilian cars indiscriminately and without mercy. A car with volunteers was shelled the day before, three people were killed,” he said.

Dubchak said that a family died under mortar fire: a girl, a boy, and their mother. The man received very serious injuries.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

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