Man Stops Kidnapper By Saying A Prayer

After praying for God to place him in a position to “assist other people” on a Friday morning, T.P. Brown, Jr. had no clue what God had in store for him, but God answered his prayer and used him to stop a kidnapper. Brown’s prayer came to life when he helped police in Portland, Oregon, apprehend a suspect in a vehicle theft that occurred on Friday, however, the suspect didn’t just steal a car. Inside of the car was a three-year-old child.

When the suspect stole the car that had a three-year-old sitting inside,  the car owner who was the boy’s father jumped into another car and began pursuing the kidnapper. The father allegedly got into a fight with the suspect after hitting the automobile on purpose in an attempt to stop it. After hearing about what had occurred and seeing the culprit run, Brown decided to get involved while waiting at a red light.

Brown end up catching the suspect who was trying to flee and trapped him against a chain-linked fence with his car. He then told the suspect to stay put until the cops arrived. Brown’s heroism was a prayer answered by God!

Faithwire had more details on the exact prayer Brown prayed:

“My prayer this morning was for God to show up for me and put me in an impactful position to help other people,” Brown told KATU-TV. “Not knowing the impact that He was going to put me in today.”

When the cops arrived on the scene they arrested 40-year old Justin Hill and charged him with second-degree kidnapping along with other serious charges. Amazingly the three-year-old boy was unharmed by the incident and was unscratched! Read more