These Two GOP Senators to Meet with American Trucker Convoy

The American Truckers’ convoy, called the “People’s Convoy” by the organizers of it, has rolled across America, picking up steam and attendees in its journey to DC, with an amazing 60 miles of truckers headed to make their voices heard within the Swamp.

The truckers have now reached their destination and made it to DC, where they’re circling the Beltway to express their displeasure with Covid mandates.

As the People’s Convoy organizer, Brian Brase, put it.“We are law-abiding citizens that are just exercising our rights to this protest.”

However, while their message is powerful, the People’s Convoy has so far been significantly less disruptive than the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, which shut down the Canadian capital for days. As WTOP reported:

The People’s Convoy, a group of truckers and others who circled the Capital Beltway twice on Sunday, hit the road again Monday but didn’t cause major disruptions on the Beltway. Read more