African Migrants Were Asked To Fight For Ukraine, Which Welcomed Them In, Their Response Was Buried By The Mainstream Media

At least a million refugees have fled Ukraine over the past week, seeking safety in neighboring European countries from Russia’s advancing military forces. Amid the chaos and deadly attacks on major cities that the U.N. estimates have so far killed approximately 3,300 civilians, some African students have reported encountering instances of racism from some civilians and members of the Ukrainian military as they try to escape the country according to most of the mainstream media reporters on the field.

All of them exclusively focus on the alleged racism that even decided to ignore the fact that the male migrants were offered a chance to fight for the country that has been their home for more than a few years.

Adeyemo Abimbole, a Nigerian student studying in Ukraine, told ABC News on Sunday that he and a group of African students had been waiting for a train to cross into Poland for nearly three days, but were told to wait.

The mainstream media giant decided to ignore the fact that Adeyemo mocked Ukraine! Watch the video here