Beta Cuck O’rourke Sued for Defamation and Look Who’s Doing It!

Kelcy Warren is the chairman of Energy Transfer, a major, Texas energy company that made almost $7 billion last year. But, in addition to being a successful energy executive, Warren is also a major GOP donor; in fact, he contributed $1 million to Governor Abbott’s campaign, according to the AP.

Well, “Beto” (Robert) O’Rourke, the leftist Texas gubernatorial candidate, decided to call that donation corruption and said that Abbott had been “bought off” by the energy executive because the donation came after Energy Transfer made billions during the near-collapse of the Texas power grid in 2021. As the AP reports:

“O’Rourke has tweeted that energy executives “bought off” Abbott and at times has singled out Warren, saying during one campaign stop that the contribution ‘looks like a bribe to me.”’

Here’s the tweet. In it, O’Rourke says that:

Gas supply companies made $11B when the grid failed.

Abbott put their profits over our lives.

Why? Because they bought him off.

Looks like they’re trying to do it again.

We’ve got to make a change in Texas. Read more

3 thoughts on “Beta Cuck O’rourke Sued for Defamation and Look Who’s Doing It!”

  1. Too bad malicious stupidity isn’t a crime, Beto O’Cockroach would be in prison for life.
    Someone needs to take that smarmy commie goon gator hunting…

  2. Beto the BOZO is blaming the WRONG people for what happened to Texas. See it was the EGO-IDIOTS and their push for green energy. They should have known that the toxic grease used to lubricate wind turbines would freeze. They should have put heaters in the Turbines to prevent this from Happening they did not. Beto is like all Democraps BRAINLESS. The WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER OVERFLOWING THEIR OTHERWISE EMPTY SKULLS does not allow brains to grow or thought to take place.

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