Dunkin’ Donuts Worker Fatally Punches Customer

Here is another story, in a line of many, showing the decline in the American culture.

Until recently life was valued and if you killed someone you would be adequately punished for your actions.

Not so in today’s hyper-social justice environment. If racism is involved in a disagreement, excessive violence is explained away, even if it resulted in the killing of another human being.

In a recent story, a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts employee, Corey Pujols, 27, was accused of fatally punching a customer who used a racist slur against him.

The prosecutor offered him a plea deal, with him pleading guilty to felony battery, allowing him to avoid jail time. He was sentenced to two years of house arrest instead. The Tampa judge on Monday also ordered him to complete 200 hours of community service and attend an anger management course.

Per the statutes, Pujols, who happens to be black, was initially charged with manslaughter since Mr. Gook, 77, who happens to be white, died as a result of his punch.

The prosecutors who offered the plea deal said they considered the “totality of the circumstances,” including Pujols’ youth, his lack of criminal history, and the fact that he did not intend to cause Cook’s death, Grayson Kamm, a spokesman for Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren, told the Tampa Bay Times.

He said they also considered the behavior of Cook and what he said.

Two of the primary factors were the aggressive approach the victim took toward the defendant and everyone working with the defendant, and that the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language,” Kamm told the newspaper.

According to court records, Cook was a regular customer who tried to order coffee at the drive-thru on May 4. But the employees had trouble hearing him, and he began berating them for their poor customer service. He was asked to leave, but he parked his car and went inside the store. Read more