VIDEO: Crazy Fight In A Dallas Middle School As Students Throw Chairs At The “WRONG” Teacher

Police in Texas is investigating a fight involving middle school students and their substitute teacher, which was caught on video. DeSoto ISD announced it is canceling all classes Friday after a violent fight between them.

The incident happened on Wednesday, March 9, at DeSoto West Middle School outside Dallas. The video shows many students were out of their seats and filmed the altercation as it escalated inside the classroom.

One man, possibly a substitute teacher, threw a chair at a student reportedly after the student had already thrown a chair and hit him in the head. Screaming from students in the classroom can be heard on all four posted videos.

The teacher then goes to his desk and wipes the blood off his face, the video shows.

According to one DeSoto ISD representative, the students attacked the teacher first, injuring him to the point that paramedics were called to the scene.

The paramedics were able to treat the substitute teacher’s injuries on-site, the DeSoto ISD rep said.

It’s unclear what led up to the incident. And the district and DeSoto police haven’t said whether criminal charges will be filed against either the child or the teacher involved.

A spokesperson for the school district confirmed the teacher was a substitute at the school. “The district makes clear that it does not condone or tolerate the behavior that took place in the incident and that all parties will be held accountable to the full extent of the district’s ability to address the matter,” the school district said.

Watch the video here

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Crazy Fight In A Dallas Middle School As Students Throw Chairs At The “WRONG” Teacher”

  1. The unmannered inhabitants of the school have never been taught to express ideas or feeling with dialog. The first choice among these animal species is to lash out and try to destroy. The LEFTIST administration is inculcating these violent reactions into the malleable young of the government sponsored “schools”.

  2. Sadly the students won’t get the punishment they deserve. As for the teacher while he should not have thrown a chair at a child it is reasonable to react as he did. Suspension will only give the children what they want no school. The Children should be put where they can be taught but controlled. The Parents of the children should be punished as well for not teaching their children how to act.

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