Bill Maher Hammers Idea that Trump Supported Putin with One Awesome Question

One of the main ways that leftists attacked, and indeed still attack, Trump is with the claim that he and Putin were somehow colluding or otherwise working together.

Because Trump wasn’t needlessly provocative in his dealings with the Russian president, they claimed that he was on the side of Russia and attacked him mercilessly for it.

What they ignored, of course, is that Putin didn’t invade anywhere under Trump. It was under Bush that he invaded Georgia, under Obama that he took Crimea and intervened in Syria, and now under Biden that he sent troops to sweep through Ukraine.

Despite all that, the left and RINOs ridiculously claimed that Trump was in Putin’s pocket, and in so doing they needlessly stirred up conflict with Russia.

Well, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher went off on that ridiculous assertion, saying:

Watching the reactions to war in Ukraine these past few weeks, it’s become obvious that America in this age suffers acutely from a particular disease of the mind, which is: everything proves what we already believed, and everything goes back to the thing we already hate…

So, naturally, Republicans blamed Ukraine on Biden being the worst president ever, and Democrats blamed it on Trump’s being the worst president ever, which he was, there is that.” Read more

2 thoughts on “Bill Maher Hammers Idea that Trump Supported Putin with One Awesome Question”

  1. Trump just said Putin was “smart” NOT that he was “right”. Most scoundrels are smart but NOT NECESSARILY STRONG LEADERS. Not working with or for their people has or will stop them! ! !

  2. Maher is WRONG in two things 1) President Trump was and will be the greatest President in modern History nearly on part with President Reagan. 2) Pedo Joe is not even fit to say the word President and NEVER will be worthy of that Title. Americans need to remember that when Pedo Joe worked for that TRAITOR the EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo he withheld billions in aid to Ukraine and all Obozo gave Ukraine was tents and blankets. President Trump gave Ukraine anti-tank weapons. He also hit Russia with tougher sanctions than anyone. Now Pedo Joe is acting like he is the hardest on Putin when he is not hurting Putin in a way that counts. Pedo Joe is hurting America and Americans because like all Democraps he HATES Americans and America. He tries to blame Putin for INFLATION but it is all Pedo Joe’s fault well the entire Democrapic party and their RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS those in the MORON MEDIA, FAKE Republicans, and RINOS. Pedo Joe will do what Obozo tried and failed at if he is not stopped. That being give Iran Nukes.

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