[LISTEN] “The Laugh of a Madwoman”: Trump Wrecks Kamala Harris in a Hilarious Way

Trump just wrecked cackling Kamala Harris in the funniest way possible: he went after her cackle, which is by far the most absurd and intolerable part of her already unfortunate personality.

That comment came during a Trump appearance on Hannity in which he mainly discussed Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and described the administration as incompetent, saying:

If I were president, if we have the Trump administration in there like we had tremendous years, tremendous success, economy, energy independence, all of the things, largest tax cuts in the history of our country which helped bring about the greatest economy we have ever had, this would have never ever happened.

So when I look at it, and I look at the horrible things taking place, you wouldn’t even believe what is taking place. To have everything on video, because people have cell phones today, so you see all of this, you see most of it in one form or another on video.

“It would have never happened, and it never should have happened.

Indeed, it wouldn’t have happened under Trump. In fact, we have evidence of that; he was president for four years and it didn’t happen under him. He did a great job at containing Russia.

It was then, after saying that the invasion never would or should have happened, that Trump tore into Kamala, saying:

I just watched on your show, I just watched the vice president laughing about the immigration, this horrible situation with the immigration, and I just watched the laugh, and it was almost like the laugh of a madwoman.

To be laughing about that. It’s a sad situation. We have people in there that are grossly incompetent, and you know it. And so does everybody else. And by the way, so do the Democrats know it.”

Here’s the audio of Trump saying that, it’s always funnier in his voice:

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